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Travelwell was established in 2021 and will soon kick some asses in the travel industry.

Before: Planning a trip with friends is difficult and connected with lots of hassle. Normally you create a whatsapp group and then everyone is sending links in it but there is now structure at all.


After: With travelwell.io we are creating the first All in One travel planner where you can plan, structure, search and book everythinng on one website. We will make planning trips easy again!


Bridge: Travelwell.io makes it easy to plan your next vacation or weekend getaway by combining everything into one place - flights, hotels, car rentals & activities - so you can easily find what's best for you at the lowest price possible!

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We are based all over the world. From Stuttgart to Jakarta we are everywhere. We are only hiring the best people for our open positions ad believe in diversity inclusion and equity.

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